City of Encinitas

COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Landlord Information


  • Have your tenants complete the CITY APPLICATION.

  • Assess the paint at your rental property if it was built before 1978 AND if you have a child that under the age of 6 is living with you. Is the paint in good condition or is the paint peeling and/or in an otherwise deteriorating condition?

  • Repair any LEAD PAINT HAZARDS.


  • A W-9 is required (upon application approval)..

  • Have your resident fill out the APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE on our website.

  • Sign CITY/LANDLORD AGREEMENT (provided by city staff upon applicant approval).


  • Must own and rent out property in the City of Encinitas,

  • Will waive and forgive past due penalties,

  • Will not increase rent during the time of Emergency Rental assistance.

  • The landlord must agree to the following:

      • Waive the right to collect late fees for delinquent rent for the months covered under the Governor's Executive Order and the term of assistance from the City.

      • Allow for the inspection of the rental for Lead Paint Hazards if the unit was built before 1978 and a child under the age of 6 lives in the unit.

      • Repair Lead Paint Hazards in order to receive assistance by stabilizing the areas by removing loose/peeling paint and painting over the same areas.